Beef Processing

Washington Beef

Washington Beef Processing Plant

The final step in the ranch to table beef lifecycle

Washington Beef is Agri Beef’s state-of-the-art processing plant located in Toppenish, WA. After being finished at the feedyard, our cattle are shipped to Washington Beef for processing. Their welfare and health are of utmost importance to us, so great care is taken to maintain a low-stress and humane environment.

Animal Well-Being: A humane approach

Our facilities and procedures were strongly influenced by animal-behavior expert Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin visited Washington Beef in 2015 to evaluate our animal handling procedures. We received ratings of excellent in each of her evaluation areas. All of our employees are thoroughly trained in proper animal handling, and all have signed our Animal Well-Being Policy, affirming their commitment to proper cattle handling and welfare.

Food Safety

Our promise to you

Of equal importance is the safety of our employees and our products. We take countless measures to ensure the safety of both, including:

  • Over 24 food safety interventions (varies by season)
  • A full 8-hour cleaning shift, every day
  • Sophisticated tracking system
  • 11 USDA employees on site
  • Veterinarian on site at all times

Employee Safety

A foundation of our culture

Washington Beef creates and supports a safe work environment for through training, communication, employee engagement and empowerment. We strive for an environment in which safety is a culture, not a program. To achieve this objective, we utilize the core safety fundamentals of Prevention, Awareness, Responsibility Action and Results.

Additional measures we take include:

  • Protective gear, gloves, hard hats, and razor sharp knives
  • Each Cutter has mastered his or her task on the defined fabrication line. They are trained off the fabrication line until their skills are precise and fast enough to work the main line.
  • The presence of quality assurance supervisors, union shop stewards, and USDA staff ensures that the product is safe, quality is maintained, and work conditions remain acceptable and safe.
  • We have developed custom tools and processes to lessen physical strain and impact
Cattle Feeding
Beef Processing

Care from ranch to table

Beef this exceptional is no accident. We are involved in every step of the beef lifecycle, including ranching, cattle feeding, and beef processing.