Double R Ranch

Northwest Beef. Beyond Belief.

Always tender, always juicy, Double R Ranch is our premium brand of grain-fed beef with a flavor as bold as the West. Our cattle are carefully raised by our network of family ranchers from around the Northwest. These proud men and women share our Western values and traditions—and most importantly, our mission to produce exceptional beef from ranch to table.

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Only in the Northwest

The Double R Ranch itself sits on 80,000 breathtaking acres in the Okanogan region of Washington State. Named after our founder Robert Rebholtz, Sr., it represents the heart and soul of the company. The Rebholtz’s family roots are in ranching, and they take great pride in continuing their support of local family farms and ranches throughout the Northwest.

The mild climate, open spaces, and the abundance of natural resources in the Pacific Northwest provide for cattle health and comfort. Additionally, the temperate climate increases access to a diverse range of sustainable feed ingredients, including wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, and hay. All of this allows us to deliver consistently delicious Double R Ranch Northwest Beef.

Only USDA Choice and higher

Double R Ranch beef is hand-selected to include only USDA Choice and higher levels of marbling. With unmatched consistency, our Double R Ranch Signature program was the first in the U.S. to be certified as Top 1/3 Choice. Additionally, we offer a Double R Ranch USDA Prime grade program representing only the top end of the USDA marbling scale.

Double R Ranch

Northwest Beef. Beyond Belief.

Cattle Feeding
Beef Processing

Care from ranch to table

Beef this exceptional is no accident. We are involved in every step of the beef lifecycle, including ranching, cattle feeding, and beef processing.

Hands down, Double R Ranch is the best beef in the country.

Eric Hellner
The Metropolitan Grill, Seattle, WA