Employee Matching

To request matching funds, please complete the form below. Prior to comitting the funds, all requests must be reviewed by the contributions committee to ensure the requests meet the specified criteria and that there are funds available. Please allow 4 weeks for approval.

Matching funds are limited to no more than $500 per year per employee. Two qualifying organizations may be contributed to per year per employee. All matching funds are subject to approval by the contributions committee and must not be contrary to the interests of Agri Beef Co. The matching funds are budgeted and matching funds are limited based on the profitability of the company.

The employee or charitable organization must provide verification of employee contributions before Agri Beef will make payment. Verification can include a cancelled check, a receipt or notification from the charitable organization. If preferred, the employee can attach his/her check to the Request Form to be forwarded to the charitable organization along with Agri Beef’s matching donation. In this case, the check serves as verification. Employees will receive notification from Agri Beef when contributions have been made on their behalf.

Agri Beef Co. will not contribute to:

  • Churches or religious organizations for the purpose of religious advocacy
  • Funding for individuals not related to the agricultural business
  • Individual school programs or projects with limited participation
  • Unrestricted operating funds

Matching Funds Request Form