Snake River Farms

The finest in American Wagyu Beef

Snake River Farms American Wagyu cattle are raised along the high plains of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. Managing the production process from start to finish, our herd has developed into one of the most highly regarded groups of Wagyu-cross cattle in the world. Joining forces with family-owned farms and ranches, our closed-loop production system supports the ranching lifestyle of local producers who focus on raising the finest livestock. All of the hard work and long hours that go into caring for these animals results in the incredible tenderness and unforgettable flavor of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef.

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The Prodigious Breed

The legendary breed of Wagyu cattle was brought to Japan in the second century A.D from its home on the Asian mainland. Originally working animals for plowing and rice farming, the Japanese soon discovered the Wagyu’s natural ability to deposit intramuscular marbling. Centuries of careful breeding have further enhanced these characteristics and ultimately brought worldwide attention to the Wagyu for its unique flavor and tenderness.

Best of Both Worlds

This ancient Wagyu breed is the foundation of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef. Crossing bloodlines from our own herd of purebred Japanese Wagyu bulls with traditional, high-quality beef animals, we have found what we think is the “best of both worlds.” Snake River Farms is the perfect blend of the famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beefy flavor.

Producing Perfection

Adopting many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding methods, our cattle are fed an all-natural, sustainable diet consisting of local Northwest ingredients, including Idaho potatoes, soft white wheat and alfalfa hay. Because they have the ability to deposit intramuscular marbling over time, our animals are on feed an average of three times longer than traditional U.S. commodity beef animals.

In a Class by Itself

In beef, more marbling means more flavor. It also merits a higher grade. Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef’s intense marbling is so rich the USDA grading scale simply can’t capture or convey its premium quality. Instead, we use a combination of the Japanese and U.S. grading systems. 

Snake River Farms is beautifully marbled. It’s Wagyu; it’s just stunningly beautiful American beef.

Hugh Acheson
James Beard Award Winning Chef & Writer

A Ranch to Table Tour with Chef Philip Tessier

American Kurobuta Pork

The World’s Finest Pork

Snake River Farms is proud to produce 100% purebred Berkshire pork. Referred to as Kurobuta (black hog) in Japan, it is considered the culinary equivalent of Wagyu beef and is highly regarded for its internal marbling. Using the oldest Berkshire bloodlines in the United States, Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Pork has cultivated an international following for its juicy tenderness and intense flavor.

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Worth the wait

Snake River Farms Kurobuta hogs are raised with great care from start to finish in our network of 35+ family farms throughout the Midwest and in Idaho. To enhance marbling and flavor, our hogs are slow-fed a carefully balanced mix of corn, soybean meal, rolled oats, and vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are on feed approximately 10% longer than commodity hogs. 

The marvel pedigree

Oliver Cromwell’s army in the Shire of Berks in England discovered the Berkshire hog approximately 300 years ago. Appreciating the remarkable eating quality, the breed was refined in the 1800’s and has since remained pure. In Japan, 100% Berkshire pork (known as Kurobuta) is considered on par with Wagyu.

Individualized care

The Snake River Farms hog herds are kept small to allow for individualized attention and daily care. Our program does not use gestation stalls, and they are raised without the use of growth promotants. The extraordinary care given to this special breed makes Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork the finest pork available.

Premium flavor

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork features small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut tender and juicy. As the grading scale illustrates below, pH measurement is a strong indicator of pork quality. Unlike traditional white pork, Kurobuta Pork is richer in flavor and much darker in color, so much so the Wall Street Journal dubbed it, “The Other Red Meat.” Trust us. You will see and taste the quality difference.

Snake River Farms Kurobuta stands alone in the pork world. The color is deep and vibrant and the fat, amazingly succulent and complex.

Kris Komori
James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, State & Lemp, Boise, ID